Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

Easter Symbols

Easter Bells
Are rung in France and Italy throughout the year but they are not rung on the Thursday before good Friday. They are silent as way to remember the death of Jesus. They are then rung on Easter Sunday as way of telling people Jesus is alive again.

The Cross
This is the symbol for the Christian religion as Jesus was nailed to a cross but then came back to life.

The Easter Lily
The lily was a reminder to the Christians of how Jesus came back to life. The white Easter Lily is used in many Easter services. It is supposed to be a symbol of the purity of the Virgin Mary.

Easter Flowers
Such as daffodil, narcissus and the tulip. Area symbol as they bloom in the spring.

Pussy Willows
These are especially picked at Easter in England and Russia. People would tap each other on the shoulders with a branch of the pussy willow for good luck.

The lamb is a symbol as people thought of Jesus as the Good Shepherd who would watch over them as they were lambs. Lambs are born in spring. The Israelites also used lamb's blood to save their firstborn in ancient Egypt.

Rabbits are reminder of spring and new life. They were the favorite animal of the spring goddess Eastre.

The Egg
These are a symbol of spring as well as Easter. They are a sign of new life.

The chicks are born from eggs and are a reminder of spring and Easter.

Candles give light in darkness. Jesus is seen as "the eternal light" showing Christians the way from death to life.

source: easterbunnys .net

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